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Winter has come

Merry Christmas and happy “biking” year 2015!


If you are to use your bike and ride in dark winter conditions, as we do here in the north, then some piece of advice worth mentioning.


Equip your bike with a front light! You can find models at a rather decent price from any bike shop. I opted for Moon Meteor 200 lumens. I find it particularly handy as it fixes on the handlebar or onto the helmet. It is also USB rechargeable and I certainly don’t mind the cost (just above 50€). Compared to other lamps I’ve used so far this one has by far the best lightning quality.


In addition to a reflector I also mounted a model designed by Knog, a silicone-based light called Frog strobe. The designers came up with a rather interesting and very funny story telling for this lamp. Anyway it’s a really convenient device which is easy to release from and set to the frame.


So whether you ride on cycling paths or in town, remember to use front and rear lights ! Ooops, it seems I forgot to switch on both lamps…

IMG_6076Porvoo river in the archipelago on Christmas Eve

Ride in the painter’s footsteps

Explore the history of Albert Edelfelt, one of Finland’s most prominent painters of the 19th century. With our guide you’ll first bike along the river bank and cross the harbour village of Hamari. Your route then goes to the spa resort and manor of Haikkoo. From there you’ll go by foot up the path to the Telegraf Hill which overlooks the archipelago and Haikkoo Bay. The fun starts here: enjoy a picnic basket while gazing at the maritime and forest landscapes beneath you.

Tour time: 3h30

Main attractions:

  • Albert Edelfelt’s paintings
  • Porvoo river bank
  • The harbour village of Hamari
  • Haikko manor
  • Telegraf Hill
  • Albert Edelfelt’s atelier

In supplement and not included in the price of the tour:

  • Picnic basket
  • Entrance fee to Albert Edelfelt atelier

Public: adults, from 2 persons

Tour level: moderate

Tour distance: about 20km


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