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Spring is in the air

Snow has long become one of Finland’s trademarks. And deservingly so!  I love wintertime in Finland despite harsh coldness at times and unendless (or so it seems!) whiteness. IMG_3552I took this picture in the middle of winter last year. I don’t recall how many minuses the thermometer showed then but definitely way below 0*C. And for the last three or four winters in a row the snow would refuse to cease an inch from March 15.

So in March we usually still deal with snow at various levels of either pleasure or disconfort; some would glide on the thick ice on the river or on the slopes nearby as others would freeze their toes and fingers while waiting for the bus.

But all came to an abrupt end a few weeks ago.


Strangely enough the weather bears little resemblance with what we are accustomed to at this time of year. Spring seems to have invited itself almost without knocking on the seasons’ door. Obviously when I go outside and ride around town these days, I’m not the only one to be amazed by the mild weather conditions.


I take a glance at the river only to observe thin layers of ice which still seem to cling like a leech to the surface. It’s unlikely they’ll remain for another week.

With the years passing by I wonder if we are to get accustomed to this premature arrival of spring. Unless snow and wintertime decide to play extra-time later in April…

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