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“Sweet” old Porvoo

We’ll first stroll around the Empire-style town of Porvoo to explore the 19th-century city landscapes with its rich history. We’ll then head to the chocolate factory where you have a chance to glance at the production lines while making your selection of sweets.

Tour time: 2 hours

Main attractions:

  • Empire-town houses (Eklöf, Lewin’s ancient brewery)
  • The harbour
  • Runeberg’s house, Finland’s national poet
  • Gymnasium park
  • Brunberg chocolate factory

This tour is available from 2 persons. This tour is suitable both for adults and families with children.

Tour level: easy

Tour distance: about 7km


Ride in the painter’s footsteps

Explore the history of Albert Edelfelt, one of Finland’s most prominent painters of the 19th century. With our guide you’ll first bike along the river bank and cross the harbour village of Hamari. Your route then goes to the spa resort and manor of Haikkoo. From there you’ll go by foot up the path to the Telegraf Hill which overlooks the archipelago and Haikkoo Bay. The fun starts here: enjoy a picnic basket while gazing at the maritime and forest landscapes beneath you.

Tour time: 3h30

Main attractions:

  • Albert Edelfelt’s paintings
  • Porvoo river bank
  • The harbour village of Hamari
  • Haikko manor
  • Telegraf Hill
  • Albert Edelfelt’s atelier

In supplement and not included in the price of the tour:

  • Picnic basket
  • Entrance fee to Albert Edelfelt atelier

Public: adults, from 2 persons

Tour level: moderate

Tour distance: about 20km


Up and down the hills

Are you up for a one-hour intensive biking tour in the hilly surroundings of Porvoo? With our certified guide you will enjoy sceneries over Porvoo while pedalling up and down three hills in the pine tree forests. This tour is ideal for your group of active and enthusiastic riders who look for a sporty challenge before or after work.

Tour time: 1h

Main attractions:

  • Linnamäki
  • The protected bay of Maari
  • Näsinmäki
  • Kokonniemi

Public: adults, from 2 persons

Tour level: high

Tour distance: about 7km


Tour de Sikosaari

A ride of 2h where you will enjoy biking in preserved natural landscapes on the Sikosaari island off Porvoo. With Jopo, the traditional Finnish bike, you’ll cycle on gentle cycling paths along the Porvoo river bank. Our guide will take you to a place in the archipelago where thousands of birds nest in the vast area of reed.

Main attractions

  • Sikosaari island
  • The protected natural area of Ruskis
  • Climb to the birdwatch tower
  • Porvoo’s 19th century Empire town
  • Runeberg’s house, Finland’s national poet
  • The Runeberg’s park

Public: from 2 persons, adults and families with children over 9 years.

Tour distance:  about 7km


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