Swans are back

The sun rose today at 6.46 and is due to set at 19.58. We enjoy longer daylight hours now that we have switched to the so-called daylight time.

This morning I decided to go and have a quick tour to one of the birdwatching towers in the neighbourhood. As usual I realized I had forgotten my binoculars at home… Still I was surprised to spot some swans along with ducks and gulls. Swans at least are on their way back to Finland. They stop each year in this bay called Kodderviken for some weeks before heading further north where they’ll mate.

When riding back home I couldn’t resist making a detour on Albert Edelfelt’s path where I spotted other couples of swans bathing in harmony. As you’ll see in the short clip I made the creatures are able to rest on the thin ice with no fear of slipping through it.

In Porvoo and in many other places in Finland people practice birdwatching or birding as I learnt from wikipediaIn Porvoo there’s been a local association called Porvoonseudun Lintuyhdistys since 1962. It has engaged in promoting birdwatching and raising awareness to the protection of birds. In Kodderviken especially the association members propose guided tours on April 3rd, 2014.

They’ve also come up with a tradition, that of laying 2000kg of oat on the usually ice-covered bay in order for birds to feed when these are back to Finland and the lakes are still covered with ice. This year the bay is already free from ice though and I wonder how they’ll manage to lay the oat. You can listen here to a radio report where two people are interviewed by the Finnish broadcast (in Finnish).


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